The Perfume of Time is a project created by Claudia Scattolini at the Comacchio Delta Antico Museum. It is an olfactory path that accompanies the visitor between the rooms of the museum. The full-bodied aroma of cinnamon, the intense aroma of black pepper, together with the unmistakable aromatic notes of cloves and nutmeg make up the fragrance “PORTA D’ORIENTE”. In the early Middle Ages, all these spices came from the East to Comacchio, from where they then left to be sold as a luxury item. Today its perfume is found in the medieval section of the Museum. The fragrance “ROSA DEI VENTI”, instead, from the marine accord of algae and salt, from the fresh and ozone scents of sea water, tells of a merchant ship, shipwrecked in all probability between 19 and 12 BC, was found in 1981 near Comacchio with most of the cargo still on board. As well as “L ‘ACQUA DI SPINA” with a subtle earthy note and then opens up into the noble hints of talc, typical of the precious root of iris, tells the glorious past of what is today one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy. City disappeared under water during the third century was a real crossroads of the ancient world. The choice of iris as a fragrance is dictated by the fact that even in those days it was used as a base of perfumes, obviously only the prerogative of the noble and rich.

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