800 Candles. A prestigious anniversary for the University of Padova that Claudia Scattolini Fragrance Designer  celebrates with an exclusive perfume to seal these 8 centuries of history. 

Claudia Scattolini. The perfume for the 8 centuries of history of of the University of Padova.

Olfactory memory and historical memory. A step back in time to retrace the University of Padua’s history by creating an exclusive perfume to celebrate its values, stages, memories, goals, and tradition. I have created an exclusive fragrance dedicated to this famous anniversary.

Perfumes are precious stores of memory.

What do a perfume and a university have in common? Memory and the unique ability to proceed over time through fragments of humanity. A perfume binds, leaves a mark, moves, is reborn, grows, and evolves.

A symbol to rethink and reflect on. Going back and forth in time to remember, recall and spread the values ​​and traditions of an 800-year-old history.

Claudia Scattolini. How can you tell stories with perfume?

This fragrance wants to express the spirit of freedom of culture and expression from which the University of Padua was born 800 years ago.

There is a very strong bond between me and the University of Padua.

Marco Fanno’s Department of Economics and Business Sciences, the client of the perfume for the anniversary, has given birth to a Master in Business Management, where I studied and currently carry out lectures. It was created for the perfumery and cosmetics industry in collaboration with ISIPCA of Versailles (F), world reference school for perfumery and cosmetics founded by JJ Guerlain. And I am also linked to ISIPCA where, after graduating in pharmacy, I specialized in perfumery.

So the perfect trade union to celebrate this historic birthday with a perfume that will be donated to the magnificent rector Daniela Mapelli, the first woman in the 800-year history of the Bo, and which will also be delivered to the other executives of the University of Padua and the ISIPCA during the official ceremony on February 25th.

“Universa universis patavina libertas”

The motto of the University of Padua means: Liberty of Padova, universally and for all.

Claudia Scattolini and the art of storytelling with a fragrance the prestigious history of the Patavino university.

800 years ago as today, the “patavina libertas” flies high and keeps its promises.

A motto that I reworked and shared through the creation of a manifesto perfume!

A free and emancipated, cultured, and refined fragrance that embodies the charm of history and memory, tradition and innovation. Who wants to evoke the glories of the prestigious university through an olfactory journey full of emotions.

For this fragrance, I was freely inspired by a study conducted by Professor Carlo Foresta, professor of Endocrinology at the University of Padua, on a particular molecule, burgeonal, with pheromonic power and with a hint of lily of the valley.

The Perfume and its olfactory pyramid.

The olfactory pyramid is a metaphor for the evolution of this prestigious university that I interpreted using raw materials that fully identify and describe the memory and identity of the University of Padua. A unique olfactory narration that travels through centuries, telling them in an exclusive and suggestive way.

The fresh and sparkling top notes of bergamot and lemon and the green ones of the geranium leaf represent the young students, bursting with energy and fresh from studies, who are still inexperienced, “green”, but are full of potential and desire to learn.

The heart of the perfume represents the University of Padua itself, its substance. Lily of the valley represents the research and discoveries of the University of Padua inspired by the burgeonal molecule. The Rose is the queen of flowers and olfactory notes, noble and sophisticated, it represents the authority in the world of the University of Padua, the fifth oldest university in the world. The rose also recalls Guerlain’s Muguet Millésime 2019, a reference to Isipca, the Guerlain school. Jasmine and orange blossom give an authoritative intensity and tenacity, as much as the Paduan institution. Pepper and cardamom represent students who come from distant countries to attend the university and its internationality.

The base notes represent the solid principles on which everything stands. The woody notes of Patchouly, Sandalwood underlines the solidity of the University of Padua, while the vetiver, an earthy woody note extracted from a root, symbolizes the roots that students make as they grow gradually in the name of culture and their future. The combination of ambergris and vanilla are the warm embrace typical of the Italian culture that reigns in Padua; while the leather gives a “harder” material note and represents the intellectual effort.

The celebratory perfume is a KM zero work of art.

The fragrance was created in my atelier in Bassano del Grappa and is enclosed in a precious Venetian glass bottle decorated in gold leaf by a skilled Vicenza artist who was able to beautifully interpret the patterns of my creations. The box is in velvet handmade by Venetian artisans.

A work of art at km zero, o reaffirm the savoir fair and excellence of Made in Italy.

I would say an evocative experience that took me back in time, making me relive the years of my training and above all the evolution of the Fragrance Designer.#

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