The sea is the essence of life, its spirit, a container of wonders and scents that make us dream and give us vitality, energy and well-being.

Thanks to its varied olfactory tones it is able to develop a powerful experience that involves not only the body, but also the spirit.

Marine and ozonic perfumes are a travel itinerary to discover new olfactory destinations to be acquired, first through the breath and then on one’s skin and into the heart.


I also wanted to give Marine a new wardrobe, both in the olfactory pyramid and in the bottle and box.

Fresh like the breeze blowing by the sea, vibrant like the waves crashing on the rocks: Extrait de Parfum MARINE follows the sea wall capturing the scents of warm sand, crystal clear water and lush vegetation of the coasts, transforming them into real olfactory postcards, notes, smells and flavours of the Mediterranean. Celebrate the splendour and magnificence of nature through aquatic scents, ozonic notes and iodized accords. A refined souvenir to travel with the senses and lead the mind towards paradisiacal and uncontaminated places where the salty air warmed by the sun awakens the desire for a holiday.

Extrait de Parfum Marine has “bottled” the flavour of salt water that mixes intensely with flowers and woods with an original emotional olfactory narrative.

Imagine finding yourself right there, by the sea, breathing in its vitality, with the splashes of the delicate waves bathing your skin. Suddenly the pungent scent of the Mediterranean scrub attacks you, coming from the pine forest behind you.

An encounter between you and nature full of heterogeneous facets that release all the strength of the marine air that mixes with balanced, green notes.


“I wanted a perfume that was like a window to the sea. When you find yourself in front of its beauty to breathe in all of its vitality. An infusion of pure vitality that reaches the lungs through the nose, reaching the heart and head. A real breathing exercise, an olfactory gymnastics for the spirit”.

I created Marine to evoke the sun, the wind and the scents of the Mediterranean: intense bouquets that enclose the marine accords and the floral/citrus/woody accords of the shrubby maquis, that unique mix of woods and leaves that grows wild in the lands bordered by our sea . In the base, warm and sensual notes release all their power.

The distinctive feature of Marine is that unmistakable “wet” soul, capable of immediately bringing us back to water. Aquatic notes are coupled with woody and citrus notes.

EXTRAIT DE PARFUM MARINE is a sunny accord of seaweed and sea salts with a tender heart of lily of the valley and lotus flower, lightly warmed by oak wood.

And, like all the perfumes in my collection, Marine is also unisex and without gender classification. Only for hearts receptive to olfactory sensitivity.


Marine’s outfit has also changed. Box and cap are blue to evoke the colour of the sea and the sky.

The cap is made of hand painted cherry wood from FSC® trees.

Further, the box uses ecological and natural material of pure cellulose also from FSC® certified wood, recycled fibers and cotton fibers, and embellished by the new graphic patterns.

“I tried to recreate the scent of leather after being wet by the sea, when the salt particles remained and the water evaporated. A woody marine that brings with it only happy and carefree moments”.

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