Qi / Eco friendly Diffuser

Beautiful, effective, eco-friendly, discreet. Qi is the best choice to perfume your rooms with delicacy and style. It is a fragrance diffuser powered by electricity, with a minimal and elegant design, awarded in international contests, available in different colours, conceived for maximum practicality and healthy use.

It’s the perfect object you need to have at home. It’s a minimal piece of design. Choose the color that better matches with your room, and silently you will enjoy an amazing fragrance spread all around


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The great value of Qi does not lie only in its technical characteristics, in the naturalness and in the kindness with which it allows you to perfume the home. Its design, its lines, the ergonomics and the practicality of the project have achieved a prestigious recognition from the community of interior designers and designers. In fact, Qi and its designers, the architects Alessandro Giannavola and Claude Petarlin, were awarded the honorable mention for the Best Design Object at the international competition The Plan Award 2015. Less is more: a more valid approach than ever has rewarded the Qi concept and enriches rooms and rooms in your home with refined refinement.


The fragrance explodes in the green notes of bamboo expertly mixed with mugwort and mint leaves, with the sweetness of pear and the peculiar green tea, to blossom in the flowery notes of white lily of the valley and delicate violet and finally letting the refined enveloping hints of white musk spread and cedar wood.



A vital explosion of juicy cherries, vibrant currants and fresh blueberries plunges into a sweet vanilla accord. The velvet heart opens with violet and warm with woods.



The yellow apple with rough skin and the sugary and juicy pulp overflows with simple naturalness and infinite sweetness



Pure freshness and tonicity in a hospitable fragrance with the aromatic touch of basil and the energy of peppermint.



The familiar scent of the sweet lemon cake, with a crunchy sugary crust and a tender heart: a loving pampering and a touch of irony.



The hospitable breath of orange blossom and leaves, the freshness of citrus fruits, the tasty bouquet of star anise and cinnamon, the sweetness of vanilla; the carnality of jasmine explodes with the pride of the white rose and the cordial warmth of white musk.



Lively fragrance that expresses natural freshness with the green notes of seaweed mixed with the fresh scent of drops of sea water.



A very familiar fragrance with natural notes of cut grass, lemon, rosemary, mugwort and vetyver. Clean and fresh, it gives comfort and serenity.



Natural relaxation of dew, moss and green shoots.



The fragrance reveals itself in all its passion with the powdery notes of jasmine, the authenticity of the orange blossom and the whiteness of the white rose, to finally open up in a sweet apricot accord warmed by the notes of cedar and sandalwood and by white musk.



The refined femininity of the rose intertwines mimosa flowers in a rich and sensual atmosphere of precious woods and Indian amber.



Delicate accord of tea, Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot and sweet orange; it has a refined heart of rose, violet and jasmine, ending in the elegance of white musk and cedar wood.


Qi is small in size, 16 x 8 x 6 cm. It can be discreetly hidden in a corner, on a shelf, under a table, between two pieces of furniture. But Qi can count on the minimal and compact design, with essential and elegant lines. Qi is also available in different pastel or neutral colors, soft or more vivid, suitable for different environments and furnishing effects. Qi’s mood always accompanies that of your spaces, enriching them with a touch of light and refined irony. Qi is a perfect and pleasant piece of furniture.