Fragrance Designer Diffuser is an innovative fragrance diffuser with distinctive technical features.
The scent diffusion is generated by a peculiar device specially designed by Claudia Scattolini in order to preserve the characteristics of the essential oils of the fragrances.

This device produces a nebulization of essence diffused in a gentle breath of air.

Furthermore the simple keypad on the device allows you to set the diffusion with 10 pre-set programs.

Fragrance Designer Diffuser can be connected through a bluetooth module to your smartphone with App for iOS and Android, so that it can be managed remotely and the diffusion settings can easily be customized.

Through the app you can easily set the time and the intensity of your scent diffusion weekly and daily. Fragrance Designer Diffuser can perfume an area of ​​about 50 square meters, while the BIG version can cover up to about 500 square meters.

The Fragrance Designer Diffuser is an innovative, silent and extremely effective diffusion system diffusing blends of essential oils designed and tested ad hoc to create an extraordinary scented background or your own “olfactory logo”.

You can diffuse a different perfume in each room or choose the fragrance you prefer to leave an indelible memory in your customers, your olfactory signature.

The Fragrance Designer Diffuser fits any style, is very elegant and is available in aluminum color Silver Matte, Matte Black, or in the new trendy Rose Gold.

An exclusive device, with its elegant design, that can complete your interior design creating your accurate and unique atmosphere.

Dimensions are H 25 cm, diameter 5 cm

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This is our “mignon format”. I created the Lollo scent diffuser to carry my fragrance with me always and place it wherever I am: in my car, in my office, at work, or in any context I’d like to create my own olfactory signature. Even just for a few hours. Small size, practical and transportable and rechargeable via USB. An olfactory business card that will leave your signature. Available in blue and pink.

Dimensions are H 9 cm, diameter 5,5 cm

Lollo the little one Download the instructions


Fragrance Designer Diffuser Big is a scent diffuser producing a mist of essence into the air as a delicate breath. It has a minimal and clean design containing the soul of the perfume diffusion system.
An elegant design adapted to any place and environment, either domestic or commercial.
It can be programmed daily and weekly in a very simple way: it is equipped with a Bluethoot module and can thus be connected to your smartphone through an app for Android and iOS. Using the buttons of the Fragrance Designer Diffuser, it is possible to select 10 pre-installed diffusion programs.
The Fragrance Designer Diffuser adapts to any style.

Colors: Matte Black.
Dimensions: H 47 cm, diameter 15 cm
Suitable for rooms up to 500mq / 1200m3

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Discover the scents that you can diffuse and communicate through the diffusers or let’s create your bespoke fragrance together, your olfactory logo..


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