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There are places devoted to the creation of pleasure, providing of comfort and the forming of exquisite flavours. Adding the perfect complementary scent to the environment multiplies the effect of this intense experience. It greets and then promises sensations of wellness, provided for instance by a good welcome, giving a start to an impeccable stay. Being well, relaxing comfortably and securely are essentials to a quality life style. Relaxation and wellness find a new and more complete significance when experienced with all our senses. The pampering and massages become delightful, and the fatigue lessens when the air is scented freshly, healthily and enticingly. An appropriate fragrance contributes to the wellness of he who wishes to stay fit.
A fragrance only adds to this quality standard of living.

Case history

Technogym Village
Cesena – Italy

Watery notes with the freshness of lemon, orange and bergamot, with a deep clean note of white musk and cedar wood.

Riva del garda (TN) – Italy

Entering hotel Flora, on the shores of lake Garda, the friendly perfume of the natural yellow apple welcomes you. Besides waiting room relax you with a green bouquet of mint and vetiver, a friendly note of cashmere wood and the elegance of jasmine.

Schiavon (VI) – Italy

The elegant Sweet hotel smells of green bamboo. Bamboo is a symbol of longevity and friendship. It is refreshing in its’ slenderness, essential in the geometry of it’s knots, and simple in it’s shiny and slim leaves that contain stimulating, aromatic and toning properties.

Wellness center – Cagliari – Italy

This elegant spa is a green blossom, with its notes of artemisia and green tea, bamboo and water lily.

Wellness center – Roma – Italy

Fresh mint combined with hints of green bamboo and the warmth of cedar wood. The elegant jasmine with the precious white musk.


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