A Tale for your Senses.

The rose, queen of flowers, has been seducing for years with its regal beauty and amazing fragrance. A flower that has a thousand shades, capable of expressing love, passion, mystery, and royalty.

Rose in Perfumery: An Olfactory Journey Through History.

It spread in Europe due to the Romans who appreciated its fragrance and used it to scent places and people. In the Renaissance, the rose became a central element of culture and art. Its beauty and symbolism inspired poets, painters, and perfumers.

In the 19th century, with modern chemistry, the extraction of essential oils became more refined and allowed new olfactory facets from the rose. Today, the rose remains one of the most used ingredients in perfumery. Its versatility allows it to be used in various types of fragrances, from fresh florals to sensual orientals. Its notes can be delicate and romantic, or intense and passionate.


Black Rose captures the essence of this regal flower in an aristocratic and enveloping fragrance. It is gender-free and celebrates olfactory fluidity and the freedom of individual choice. The Damask Rose, the protagonist of Black Rose, reigns supreme with its magical aroma. Its Middle Eastern origins give it an aura of mystery that makes it irresistibly seductive. Deep, rich and with a floral touch, its essence evokes spicy and woody notes, with a sensual hint of leather. Black Rose is a global olfactory experience that transcends genders and conventions.


An invitation to be carried away by the timeless beauty of the rose and to explore the freedom, to express one’s individuality through fragrance.


Hidden among the velvety petals of a rose there is a silent power waiting to be unleashed. A power that smells of mystery, seduction and timeless beauty. It is the power of the Rose, enclosed in Black Rose Extract de Parfum.

Black Rose is not just a perfume, it is an olfactory experience that transcends genders and conventions. It is an invitation to immerse oneself in the magnetic beauty of the rose, to be enveloped by its deep and rich aroma, which evokes spicy and woody notes, with a sensual leathery scent.

The Damask Rose, the undisputed queen of this fragrance, reigns with its magnetic charm. Its Middle Eastern origins give it an aura of mystery that makes it irresistibly seductive. Each bud contains a universe of emotions, ready to be unleashed with a single gesture.


Black Rose is the celebration of femininity and masculinity in all their shades. A gender-free parfume that captures the essence of the rose in an aristocratic and enveloping fragrance, perfect for those who want to express their individuality with freedom and authenticity.


Through the use of Layering, you can create your own signature scent, guided by intuition and creativity.

The “art” of Layering allows everyone to experiment, just as a nose would, and create their own olfactory identity.

Black Rose layered with Meditation is a sophisticated and explosive combination. Two provocative perfumes that can be dangerous because they could create addiction. The fluid notes of Black Rose blend perfectly with the woods and leather of Meditation, creating an intriguing and iconic olfactory nuance.

Black Rose with Agrums becomes bright and witty. The ensemble of citrus fruits enriched by the aristocratic Bergamot of Calabria create a perfect olfactory symphony that wisely balances the wit of citrus with the sophisticated and velvety Damask Rose. An olfactory representation worthy of applause!

Black Rose with Amber will surprise you. The evocative intensity of amber, honey, cedarwood, and sandalwood reaches its peak with the Middle Eastern mystery of the Damask Rose.

An explosive olfactory union with countless nuances that, after the initial sprays, creates a seductive and strong evolution.

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