In the world of fragrances, Stratification, or Layering, represents a fascinating art that allows us to create personalized and unique perfumes, capable of reflecting our personality and our state of mind. By expertly combining two or more fragrances, new and exciting olfactory experiences can be obtained, going beyond the limits of a single perfume.

Layering is a technique to personalize your olfactory mood. This results in a unique and personal vibration that can be varied depending on your mood


The play of olfactory superpositions is a sort of perfume tailoring where an olfactory trail with many nuances can be created and recreated every day.

Perfume layering is an art that requires a bit of creativity and experimentation. And the desire to create something personal for yourself every day that harmonizes with your character. Because perfume plays an important role in our mood. It gives us links with the past, makes us relive memories, transports us to a dimension of our own and makes us feel good. A simple spray contains a multiplicity of characteristics and opportunities!

Olfactory Layering is a tool for obtaining your own nuance, the one that suits us the most and that perhaps we wish to change often. It’s like having a tailor-made fragrance that we can tailor to our personality.


There are several techniques for layering perfumes:

By season: combine a fresh, citrusy fragrance for summer with a warmer, spicier one for winter.

By occasion: combine a light and delicate perfume for the day with a more intense and sensual one for the evening.

For olfactory accords: superimpose fragrances that share one or more notes, creating an olfactory harmony.

By contrast: playing with opposite olfactory notes to create an intriguing and surprising effect.


Character and personality in stratification.

Layering perfumes is a way to express your individuality and style. By choosing fragrances that reflect character and personality, you can create a unique and distinctive olfactory aura.

  • For an extroverted and lively person: combination of energizing and fruity fragrances.
  • For an introverted and romantic person: combination of floral and powdery fragrances..
  • For a creative and non-conformist person: experiment with unusual and surprising olfactory accords such as musk or amber.


My Extrait de Parfum have a multifaceted and malleable value that likes to adapt to. Every single perfume in my collection obviously has its own identity, but it can be modulated and personalized through the Layering technique. In fact, with stratification each of us can develop our own olfactory nature and compose the right fragrance for every moment.


• Extrait de Parfum Amber. Used with Vanilla it creates a voluptuous and passionate embrace.

• The citrus fruits of Agrums, with their dynamic twists, blend and intertwine with the woods and leathers of Meditation. An unusual, but very aristocratic and iconic combination.

Marine with Wild Fig, to experience a deep sense of freedom.

  • Wild fig and Vanilla to accentuate the sweet nuance on the skin mixed with the summer scents of the noble summer fruit.

If you are a beginner or have never tried this game of overlays, at this link you can see all my sales points. You will be welcome for an olfactory tasting of my Extrait de Parfum. Only in this way can your character be cultivated directly “in the field”.


 • Be ready to listen, you are about to create something unique.

• Start by vaporizing the fragrance you love most around you and which will be the starting point.

• Layer a second fragrance to emphasize the first, balancing the doses of each.

• Listen to the subtle energy of the synergy you have created.

• Observe in the following hours how the raw materials they interact differently with each other.

An important aspect of Olfactory Layering is its playful dimension. Because it gives us the possibility of creating our own olfactory dress and daring completely personalized combinations based on our own tastes. The rule of the game is absolute freedom.

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