The new Extrait de Parfum Meditation.

An olfactory tale dedicated to Ernest Hemingway.


I don’t want to tell you abut my new Extrait de Parfum dedicated to Ernest Hemingway and that’s it: I’d like to give you an “olfactive story“ in order to explain what unexpectedly linked me to the great master, Nobel Prize for Literature.

You should know that the Hemingway Museum is located in Bassano, where my Atelier is located too. During the Great War, this historic place saw a young driver of ambulance of the American Red Cross; yes, Hemingway!


During the Great War, Hemingway lived in Villa Ca’ Erizzo, location of the Museum. For this reason the city of Bassano wanted to dedicate a historical and cultural space to him.

I could not avoid to give my personal tribute to this great master. Fascinating, controversial and mysterious man.

An epilogue stimulated at the beginning by a special meeting with the Papa Ernest Hemingway Journalist Award of Caorle.

I had the great privilege of being invited by the President, Prof. Roberto Vitale, to this event. There I presented my Extrait de Parfum Meditation for the first time, as a special tribute to Prof. Vitale.

The strong link between Veneto and Hemingway is at the heart of this important Award: it aims to underline and enhance the intense relationship between the writer and my region.


Illustrating an idea through olfactory notes, bring it to life through the breath and enclose it in a bottle.

Through a perfume we can talk about a concept, an idea, a person, spread a memory of something. Versatility and adaptability. Two tools that allow me to avoid mental schemes, to be free. Free to tell a story. Like the story of a world master: Ernest Hemingway.

A new dress for my Extrait de Parfum. In its style, in its graphics, in its colors and in its olfactory pyramid which becomes more engaging thanks to more persistent bottom notes.


An intense perfume, very long-lasting, which directly enters your heart:

  • the exotic, warm touch, with a sensual and animalic facet, of ylang ylang;
  • the sweetness of vanilla, feminine and palpable that leaves room for dreams;
  • ambergris, a warm, mystical and luxurious touch;
  • a hint of cocoa, the scent of tobacco, the notes of a Bourbon drunk with a cigar on the lips;
  • precious woods..Patchouli and lightly smoked oak;
  • to end with leathery notes reminding the hunter, the man, his hands, his equipment, boots, gloves: Hemingway.

Like all my Extraits of the Claudia Scattolini Fragrance Designer collection, Meditation is a fluid and genderless fragrance created for the skin. And leather has no sex!

The new bottle with wengé wood cap has a box of pure cellulose FSC® certified ecological and natural material, embellished with new graphic patterns.

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