Probably by far the most loved fragrance of all time. A round and reassuring fragrance. If you think of a Vanilla Perfume, the maternal embrace that cradles us and sweeps away those superstructures that take away our freedom of expression immediately comes to mind. At the same time its light and its whispered sensuality confers just enough seduction.

Vanilla is our comfort zone. The safe place to take refuge to seek consolation, love, protection. In my opinion it is comparable to maternal contact, that contact which we trust and which immediately reassures us and forces us to abandon ourselves completely without fear.

Remove anxiety and negative thoughts. The Vanilla note is anti-stress, a tender and sweet cuddle. In perfumes it gives fullness and persistence. It has the ability to put everything back in its right place, like the missing piece of a puzzle. It can, for example, give a turning point to a day that appears to be wrong and confused right from the start, with no way out. Or welcome patience to stabilize a messy moment.


In this article, I would like to go back in time and tell you the history of the vanilla plant and how and when its pollination technique, still in use today, was born.

Vanilla belongs to the orchid family. There are many varieties, but only three are those that bear fruit for its extraction: Vanilla Planifolia, Vanilla Tahitensis and Vanilla Pompona.

Their habitat is exclusively tropical in nature. That is to say, most vanilla cultivation occurs in Central America, Africa and the Indian Ocean countries.

Growing vanilla plants requires a lot of patience and attention. And above all they need pollination from insects, such as bees. This is the reason that makes them valuable and rare.

Only in 1841, completely by chance, a 12-year-old slave, Edmond Albius, unknowingly invented the manual pollination technique, still in use today.


In perfumery, Vanilla is used as a base note, which means that it gives and establishes the true personality of a perfume.

Its scent is so enveloping and “spacious” that at the first spray it immediately restores harmony and proportion in our thoughts.

Vanilla is synonymous with “pop” because everyone likes it and it is a fragrance with particular olfactory qualities. Like its cultivation, slow and delicate, its peculiarities also lie in the calmness it arouses, in the desire to slow down and savour its nuances.


My Vanilla Extrait de Parfum has an unconventional olfactory pyramid because it is also very loved by men. The inebriating presence of white musk gives it character and grace.

The feminine absolute of Bourbon vanilla, with a warm and rich bouquet, marries voluptuously with the refined notes of jasmine and delicate peach blossoms and closes relaxing into the inebriating scent of white musks which makes it transparent and clean.

The Extrait de Parfum Vanilla is so enveloping and “spacious” that at the first spray it immediately restores harmony and proportion in our thoughts.

It is sweet and aphrodisiac, rounded and enchanting. So profound that it manifests itself not only olfactorily but also through a softly lulling melody.

And with the Layering technique it can take on different facets. For example, with Meditation it becomes enveloping and refined, with Black Rose or Amber irresistible and mysterious, or with Agrums sparkling and jaunty.

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