Happenings: marriages, ceremonies, product launch, fair installation, fashion shows and art exhibitions.

What is left of the memories of an unforgettable day? A fond recollection, that’s significance is entirely linked to the intensity of the experience. Nothing exalts this memory and permanently embeds it into the depths of our memories more, than the scent that accompanies it.
It is the fragrance of a moment in time.

Case history

New HQ Diesel spa – Breganze (VI) – Italy

Spring 2010 Diesel fashion show: a perfect landing strip appears, a plane is landing with smoke and lights, the smell of tyres on the asphalt spreads into the air.
Diesel fashion show begins with its glamour.

Jewellery – fashionshow Vicenza – Italy

Elegant atmosphere for a new sophisticated product: Raffaella di Montalban’s sunglasses are ladylike jewels for women who love to be exclusive.
The air smells an exquisite bouquet of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot wisely combined with a soft touch of sage, finally ending in a rich triumph of clove, white musk and amber.

EIRE 2011

Fresh minty notes, a touch of green bamboo, the warm of precious woods, the richness of jasmin, the strenght of vetiver and white musk: an ideal frame for a top designer.


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