Corporate Fragrance Teamwork is an exclusive experience to translate your corporate identity into olfactory notes.

Who is it for?

To the corporate board that deals with strategy or to the reference figures in the company that contribute to spreading the culture of the firm inside and outside.

How is it structured?

In one day you will discover the olfactory notes that distinguish your company through an olfactory education session and a focus group, led by Federica Tabone, work psychologist, to discover the transition “From corporate identity to corporate fragrance”. You will also create your own fragrance which will reflect the values ​​of your company.


Sephora Italy

Perfume means romance, style, beauty or charm. But it is also marketing and concrete creation of value. An example? Team…
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Corporate Fragrance Teamwork is the exclusive experience that Sirium has chosen to translate its corporate identity into olfactory notes
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The scent and smell envelop us, they tell us who we are around or where we are: on the day…
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