Claudia Scattolini Fragrance Designer combs among the varieties of essences of nature, identifying the aromas closest to each personality. Claudia combines them according to the customer’s needs and packs the most suitable perfumed dress: the perfume that expresses history, soul and image for each enclosed in the most suggestive packaging.

Claudia Scattolini will offer a method of creation for companies and brands that want a bespoke fragrance to be spread in the most suitable ways for their audience. Claudia creates ad hoc perfumes for clothing brands, for the cosmetic industry, as well as for jewelry and design lines. For anyone who wants to strengthen their brand through a unique fragrance capable of best telling a commercial activity. Or even for those who want to create their own brand of perfumes with exclusive characteristics.


Marostica water – Checkmate to the king eau de parfum

In the suggestive Piazza degli Scacchi of Marostica there is the ancient Ragazzoni Pharmacy, now Riello. Its owner Dr. Elena…
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EXTRAIT D’ATELIER is the Essence of Savoir-Faire

Extracts of poetry in drops of perfume Through a sophisticated olfactory journey, EXTRAIT D’ATELIER Perfumes invite the wearer to discover the world of…
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Dolomites – Nature and Value edp and cosmetics line

A line of cosmetics completed with perfumes for the person and for the home designed by Claudia Scattolini. “Consistent”, “mineral”…
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