Every great event deserves a distinctive perfume, whether it’s a dinner, an aperitif, a wedding, an exclusive party or a fashion show. For every occasion there is a perfume tailored to charm guests, leaving a scented and extremely sensorial memory. Perfumes can become the real star of any moment of your life that Claudia Scattolini can help make memorable.

Scent dinner/scent aperitif

A sensory experience, between taste and smell, in which a chef or a barman collaborates with the master perfumer to connect their arts, giving life to something magical. The perfumer breaks down a fragrance into its olfactory notes and transforms it into a living experience: the same notes are brought back to life on the plate by the chef and in the cocktails by the barman for an unforgettable experience.

Scent dinner
Scent dinner 1
Scent dinner 4
Scent Dinner 5


Very often we tend to associate a perfume with a particular person or moment. Claudia Scattolini can create an exclusive perfume, just for you, that will always remind you of the most important day of your life: your wedding. Claudia can create a fragrance conceived and created based on the theme chosen for the wedding, your personality, your story — a fragrance to share with your guests during the wedding ceremony or in the celebration rooms and that will make your wedding truly exclusive.

Customize favours

Custom perfumes

Bespoke perfumes for the newlyweds

Olfactory scenography of the event


More and more fashion brands are relying on fragrances to communicate their values, even during fashion shows. Claudia Scattolini can create the most suitable perfume to express a fashion collection and its concept by highlighting its inspirations and origins.

Sikelia Fashion Day

Fashion show Raffaella Montalban

Diesel Fashion Show


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