Fragrance designer

Claudia was born in 1973 in Peschiera del Garda. Following in the footsteps of her family, pharmacists for generations, she graduated from University of Ferrara in Pharmacy. Ambition and determination made her leave the “Bel Paese”. She is the first Italian to be admitted to EFCM in ISIPCA in Paris, founded by Jean Jacques Guerlain, world reference international school for perfumery and cosmetics. After studying with perfume masters like Jean Claude Ellena and Jean Jacques Etienne, she returned to Italy, obtained the Master Business Management diploma at University of Padua and began to work for leading laboratories and companies in the perfume sector.

Claudia had an ambitious dream, which became a reality in 2007 when she created a new profession: the “Fragrance Designer,”. With the creation of her company, she specialized in private labels and olfactory home designs. As a true artist she creates unique, personal and environmental fragrances, with precious and refined raw materials. Among the many honours and awards obtained, Claudia was mentioned by the famous architect Giugiaro in his “Annual 2010: Design for Architecture”, where he defines the fragrance designer as a new key profession for architecture.

In 2012, she created her line of eau de parfum, which had great success in the United States and Dubai. Her eau de parfum did not go unnoticed by the world of perfumery: the well-known French perfumer Nicolas de Barry included Claudia’s eau de parfum, “Agrums,” among the 101 perfumes in the world to try at least once in a lifetime (“101 parfums à découvrir” Dunod ed.)

Together with her husband, the architect Alessandro Giannavola and her colleague Claude Petarlin, she devised a completely natural and eco-friendly fragrance diffuser: “Qi”. This innovative diffusion system received an honourable mention at The Plan Award, the major awards for architecture.

In 2019, Renato Vettorato dedicated a page to Claudia in his latest book “Donne Serenissime. Volti e storie del terzo millennio,” a reference tome that pays tribute to the great women of the North East of Italy, successful carriers in various professional fields.

Claudia is not only a fragrance creator, but also a teacher. The Faculty of Pharmacy of Padua, the University of Milan and the University of Siena, the IED of Rome, the San Michele dell’Adige Agricultural Institute and the New Technical Academy of Milano… are some of the places of knowledge where Claudia transmits her skills and experience.

Among essential oils, mouillettes, ampoules, dispensers and educational activities, Claudia also finds time to be part of a very important project in the Oncology department of Borgo Roma hospital in Verona: since 2015 she has joined the Convivio Project and, with the story of its perfumes, she gives moments of leisure to cancer patients waiting for treatment.


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Course of Claudia Scattolini

“The first meeting with Claudia took place in a classroom, at the Accademia Tecniche Nuove, during the course held by Dr. D’Agostinis and by Claudia. I believe a lot in the very first sensations that an encounter can have on you and I was right … Claudia is an extremely competent p...


Exclusive eau de parfum

“A special gift, an exciting day dedicated to memories (the sweet scent of Christmas sweets), to the present (the love I am receiving from and with my family), to the future (to the surprises that life will give me) ; EMOTIONS that are renewed daily through every drop of your perfume. Thanks C...


Eau de parfum

“Have you ever felt like you are missing something? When I feel like this, I just put a drop of Amber behind my neck and, voilà! It is a warm and soft perfume, like a gold or burgundy velvet.”

Elena, shop manager

Perfumery course

“The meeting with Claudia in her olfactory Atelier was for me like entering an original enchanted world between essences of mother nature and scented notes sometimes unknown, other times belonging to my past emotions and feelings. It was interesting to discover, through an itinerary guided by Claudi...

Laura Visentin, Jewels designer

Perfumery course

“The perfumery school run by the Accademia Tecniche Nuove is a professional refresher course, intended for sector professionals such as pharmacists, sales staff and chemists or more simply to those who have always had a great curiosity about the mysterious world of perfumes. The course is divi...

Maria Shirin Ahmad Sherbafi, Corporate Regulatory Affairs – Coty Beauty Germany

Exclusive eau de parfum

“Claudia, you wrote: perfume… The fourth dimension of architecture… In my opinion perfume is the First Dimension… It is the primary essence from which everything starts. The first instinct starts from perfume… “

Paola Tiberio, architetto

Exclusive eau de parfum

“Claudia has a “classy nose”, but she is also endowed with a great humanity. Perhaps this is precisely why she is able to find such personal olfactory solutions. The experience with Claudia was almost a psychotherapy session. Connecting perfumes and essences to the aspects of my personality it...

Sebastiano Zanolli, writer and speaker

Exclusive eau de parfum

“Our experience was magical because while we were cradling in what was the dream of feeling essences, smelling fragrances, at the same time it led us to reflect on the importance of flowers, plants and animals, in a word on the meaning of life and on the ecosystem. It was an experience that we...

Ilaria e Roberto, Cagliari

Eau De Parfum / Rose

“I truly believe in destiny, that nothing happens by chance. And only by chance I got to know Claudia and had the possibility to participate in her “tasting perfumes experience”. Besides being a truly unique sensory experience, where Claudia illustrates you the way with which the perfumes are...

Milena Rossi, fragrances lover and mum