Qi is the best choice to perfume all your rooms with delicacy and style. It is a fragrance diffuser powered by electricity, with a minimal and elegant design, awarded in international contests, available in different colors, conceived for maximum practicality and healthiness of use.


Beautiful, effective, eco-friendly, discreet.

Built in environmentally sustainable materials and does not use alcohol or other harmful additives. In Qi advanced technology and ancient concepts of well-being and balance find a meeting point to give an extra sense to your pleasure of living.

Create a comfortable and stimulating environment. Indulge in your spaces taste, character and mood of you, your family, your guests, collaborators or customers. Promote the psycho-physical well-being of those who live them every day or occasionally.

Today you can thanks to Qi, the main element of the correct olfactory furniture in your home. Like every person, so every home, office, workplace, sport, entertainment or relaxation and care, rest can have its own characteristic, unique fragrance. Choose it and let Qi spread it gently, at the right time.

Award-winning design

The great value of Qi does not lie only in its technical characteristics, in the naturalness and in the kindness with which it allows you to perfume the home. Its design, its lines, the ergonomics and the practicality of the project have achieved a prestigious recognition from the community of interior designers and designers. In fact, Qi and its designers, the architects Alessandro Giannavola and Claude Petarlin, were awarded the honorable mention for the Best Design Object at the international competition The Plan Award 2015. Less is more: a more valid approach than ever has rewarded the Qi concept and enriches rooms and rooms in your home with refined refinement.


Qi furnishes with style and description

Qi is small in size, 16 x 8 x 6 cm. It can be discreetly hidden in a corner, on a shelf, under a table, between two pieces of furniture. But Qi can count on the minimal and compact design, with essential and elegant lines. Qi is also available in different pastel or neutral colors, soft or more vivid, suitable for different environments and furnishing effects. Qi’s mood always accompanies that of your spaces, enriching them with a touch of light and refined irony. Qi is a perfect and pleasant piece of furniture.