Passionate about giving back to those in need, Claudia has been donating part of her turnover to the National Association of Cancer Fight Volunteers. And since 2015, Claudia has been part of the Convivio Project of the Oncology ward of the Borgo Roma hospital in Verona, giving relief and relaxation to cancer patients via her perfumes. Claudia supports the projects of San Bassiano Oncological Association as well, by offering perfumery experiences that can help the non-profit projects garner funding. She has created a sensorial experience for disabled people within the Pino Pascali Foundation in Polignano a Mare and she’s associated with the initiatives of Valbrenta Solidale, an organisation which gives support to those in need, by organising conferences on the art of perfumery for the Scuola del Tempo Ritrovato. But that’s not all: she also collaborates with various club services such as Rotary, Lions and Inner Wheel supporting their fundraising campaigns.


Claudia's Parfume Lounge


WELCOME TO MY PARFUM LOUNGE An “olfactory cenacle” to share info and tips about fragrances. WHY A PARFUM LOUNGE? Once…
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Olfactory arrangements

DESIGN AND PERFUMES MATCH IN A MELODIC SYMPHONY CREATED AD HOC. Olfactory arrangements. What does it mean? Smell is a…
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Perfume is the basic, unforgettable, invisible fashion accessory. The design of this magical elisir is linked to the perfumer’s sensitivity…
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