Our perfume says a lot about ourselves, our history, character and tastes. It can immediately tell, with its notes, our background, our style, inclinations, temperament, and habits. Leather and tobacco tell different stories than cocoa and cinnamon, mint and bergamot evoke passions far from pink and mauve, and so on, to infinity. Because perfumes speak infinite languages, as many as the combinations of essences, which always reveal something, little or a lot, of those who choose them.

This is how, through the first of the senses, the sense of smell, the impression of a person takes shape at every moment, the image of it is created. The notes of the perfume reveal different dimensions of ourselves: our cultured or ambitious side, our confident or refined personality, our eclectic or aristocratic charisma, our curious or cheeky charm. These traits may often show even through the lines and design of the bottle, which plays an important role in designing each of the stories inside the scent.

The sense of a fragrance designed on oneself, like a tailoring suit, is concentrated here: the air around us speaks of what we are, presents us, promises what we can offer, transmitted to the soul the memory of ourselves. A perfume that distinguishes and spoils us, caressing the subtle but intense pleasure of giving off the fragrance what we love to think we are. A light comfort, a profound sense of well-being, of pleasing ourselves to the end.

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