Olfactory arrangements. What does it mean?

Smell is a sense with a long memory. You do not forget an interesting experience, a pleasant impression in tune with your desires and your state of mind. Living, working, studying, having fun, relaxing are essential activities in the life of each of us and the environment around us makes the difference. Hence the idea of olfactory surroundings: to create an environment that is comfortable and at the same time stimulating, which reflects the needs of people, placing psycho-physical well-being as the main goal and, in order to give to your living spaces the right welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, that only a beloved perfume can give.

I have already talked about Olfactory Arrangements on my website with in-depth information and design methods.

Fragrance Designer Diffuser

“Perfume enters completely into the sphere of interior design, gaining a privileged position”.

OLFACTORY ARRAGEMENTS. The harmony and beauty of an environment, whatever it may be, can be emphasised with a special fragrance that amplifies the perception of space.

Very often, when creating the atmosphere of a space, the perfume can become one of the fundamental elements, together with the furniture and style. This “olfactory signature” is important and particular for any environment in which it is placed. Each space has in fact a fragrance that allows it to be recognised, which denotes its style and which, through the olfactory perception, is even more impactful than the visual. The smell of the air you breathe in an environment therefore becomes an integral part of the arrangement.


My job as a FRAGRANCE DESIGNER is to dig into the soul of a place to:

  • discover the olfactory notes closest to its character.
  • Create a scent that intimately reveals its passions, goals, values and pleasures.
  • And put my nose expertise at the service of the design world for a special and unmistakable touch.

Enjoying a discreet and constant fragrance can change the perception of an environment and make us feel completely at ease”.

Fragrance Designer Diffuser


An olfactory journey that can be undertaken both for home and work areas. To create an olfactory signature that will make them recognisable at the first breath.

You can find here below the whole collection of fragrances that I created exclusively for the right Olfactory arrangement.

  • BASIL&MINT: The smell of basil gives a positive feeling of sympathy and is used to calm moods. Tonic for the mind, it helps to clarify and fight sadness. Diffused in the air, it is excellent for maintaining a positive attitude to life. The mint scent is an excellent purifier of the environment against negativity, opens up dialogue and calms conflicts. The Basil & Mint fragrance is perfect for offices and the living area of the house and all those places where you spend time in solitude to use your mind and together for teamwork and collaborations, where you want to live in peace. Used in the sleeping area, on the other hand, it can have an aphrodisiac effect.
  • BERGAMOT TEA: The Calabrian bergamot is a citrus with a rich scent, a thousand olfactory facets, full, aristocratic. One of the main fresh and tonic notes of Cologne, the essential oil of bergamot has antiseptic properties, but also calms the soul, relieves depression and anxiety, giving joy and sedation, optimism and relaxation. It is therefore excellent as a welcome scent and in areas where you want to work together in harmony, as it creates an overall optimistic and serene atmosphere, induces a vital and relaxed mood and radiates pleasure.
  • SEA FLOWER: The sea has its scent of infinity, of saline water and shells, relaxing and stimulating at the same time, but always familiar and comforting.The scent of the waves makes us feel at home, on vacation, the warm scents of the woods bring us back down to earth. The fragrance creates an ideal atmosphere to give a fresh welcome or in the recreation area or to create relaxation in a work area.
  • AGRUMS: Citrus fruits has a tonic, rich, antidepressant smell. They help to free ideas, releasing all their sparkling notes. Lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin, wisely dosed and mixed with a touch of sage, help to counteract mental fatigue and ease tensions.
    Ideal fragrance for operational areas, cradle of new ideas, where you work as a team, to lower nervousness and stress and for all places where positive energy is sought.
  • BAMBOO: Green Bamboo, symbol of long life and friendship, gives us freshness in its essential simplicity.
    The blend with mint is excellent: it purifies the environment against negativity, opens up dialogue and calms conflicts, helped by cedar wood which promotes self-esteem and the feeling of stability. This fragrance generates both a relaxed atmosphere which is excellent for the recreative areas for example, and it gives positive energy that is suitable for all occasions.
  • GREEN FIELD: The familiar smell of freshly cut grass, the aromatic touch of rosemary and the warmth of vetyver are added to the tonic boost of citrus fruits. The fragrance, due to its very familiar connotation, immediately brings us back to the open air, lying dreaming on the grass ; clean and fresh, it gives comfort and serenity. Excellent for any area of home and offices.

I hope I have intrigued you and above all stimulated you to go deep into this subject.

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